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December 2019 Webinar

Open Format, Live Q&A Webinar. We answer all your Illustration and In-force questions live.

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The Best Life Insurance Quotes, Analogies & Memes

We round up some of the best insurance analogies and saying to help you simplify your next life insurance sale!

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November 2019 Webinar

How visuals help you communicate insurance solutions and sell more life insurance.

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October 2019 Webinar

Topic Focus: Life Insurance Product Hacks -Enhance ROI for rated clients -UL product “hack” to maximize CDA Credit -Manulife term product “hack” -Optimi…

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Are you a FIG?

I was travelling for work in Phoenix meeting with advisors to determine if LDA had a market fit in the USA (it does). After my demo, I asked the advisor what…

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July 2019 Webinar

Topic Focus Asymmetrical Dominance - What is it how can it help you position life insurance Case Studies Using "The Decoy Effect" - Simplified non-med vs …

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Top 10 Sales Movies if you're Feeling that Summer Slump

Feeling that summer sales slump, get motivated by watching these all-time great sales movies and check out our tips at the end to break out of your slump.

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Insurance Is Sold Not Bought

I was introduced into the insurance industry by my stepfather, a 50-year insurance industry figure, a guy who was brought up in the Ben Feldman days. One of …

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13 Reasons Why People Don't Buy Life Insurance

In talking with advisors I can confidently tell you the top 3 challenges advisors are looking to solve are:

  • Lead Generation
  • Client Disconn…

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