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April 2021 Webinar

Learn how to simplify case creation in LDA utilizing lead gen, policy compare, concepts, mark as sold policy review, and policy automation.

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February 2021 Webinar

Learn all about LDA's newest feature, the Insurance Portfolio Review, and how it helps you summarize your client's existing products and identify gaps in the…

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December 2020 Webinar

Open Format, Live Q&A Webinar. We answer all your Illustration and In-force questions live. Hosted by Jonathan Jarvie and Nikolas Fergusson of LDA.

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How scalable is your life insurance lead funnel

Generating online life insurance leads can feel like a huge undertaking, but we break down what you need to know about attracting and converting new leads fr…

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November 2020 Webinar

Jon Beaulieu from Northern (canada's fastest growing ecommerce company) joins us to talk about content optimization, paid traffic , instapages and we show yo…

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September 2020 Webinar

Digital sales made easy with lda and Fast and FullĀ®

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April 2020 Webinar

The Anatomy of a digital sale. We take you from prospect to inforce with a 100% digital sales process.

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How to work remotely in the life insurance space

Working remotely can enhance your productivity and add scale to your business to explore strategies to enhance your digital sales process.

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March 2020 Webinar

Convert more Insurance leads into clients with our digital onboarding strategies.

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Life Insurance as an asset class

Life insurance can be a compelling solution for HNW clients looking to maximize the "safe money" portion of their portfolio while still maintaining liquidity…

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The Best Life Insurance Quotes, Analogies & Memes

We round up some of the best insurance analogies and saying to help you simplify your next life insurance sale!

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Are you a FIG?

I was travelling for work in Phoenix meeting with advisors to determine if LDA had a market fit in the USA (it does). After my demo, I asked the advisor what…

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