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February 2018

Concepts To Increase Revenue And Productivity

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Life Insurance for Your Favourite Superhero

Superheros are pretty amazing but even they have their vulnerabilities. Find out what type of insurance your favourite superhero would buy!

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Compliance Made Easy With Our Shareable Needs Analysis

Make compliance easier with a needs analysis you can share with your clients. Have them populate the information which gets saved on their profile automatically.

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4 Reasons To Buy Whole Life In Your 40s And 1 Not To

In this article, we explore four great reasons to buy whole life insurance in your 40s and one not so great reason. Help show your clients the protection tha…

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Tools Advisors Use To Save Time And Accelerate Business

Time is limited. It's possibly the second most important asset a person has (sandwiched between family, health and money). The paradox is that the more money…

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Buy Term Invest The Difference

Will your clients be healthy enough to keep buying term insurance? Will they invest the difference? what rate of return do they need to achieve to justify th…

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