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Are you a FIG?

I was travelling for work in Phoenix meeting with advisors to determine if LDA had a market fit in the USA (it does). After my demo, I asked the advisor what…

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July 2019 Webinar

Topic Focus Asymmetrical Dominance - What is it how can it help you position life insurance Case Studies Using "The Decoy Effect" - Simplified non-med vs …

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Top 10 Sales Movies if your Feeling that Summer Slump

Feeling that summer sales slump, get motivated by watching these all-time great sales movies and check out our tips at the end to break out of your slump.

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June 2019 Webinar

Thursday, June 27th @ 2 pm EST Increase Sales | Save Time | Automate Compliance - Using Recipes (work smarter not harder) - Inforce Recipe Automation…

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Insurance Is Sold Not Bought

I was introduced into the insurance industry by my stepfather, a 50-year insurance industry figure, a guy who was brought up in the Ben Feldman days. One of …

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May 2019 Webinar

May 23rd 2:00 PM EST - Needs Analysis Best Practices - How Groups Increase Collaboration and Case Prep - Equivalent IRR (what is it when to use it) …

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April 2019 Webinar

Thursday, April 25th @ 2:00 PM EST -Review an In-force Policy -Estimate Term Renewals -Highlight the Cost of Waiting to Convert -Illustrate a Partial…

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13 Reasons Why People Don't Buy Life Insurance

In talking with advisors I can confidently tell you the top 3 challenges advisors are looking to solve are:

  • Lead Generation
  • Client Disconn…

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    March 2019 Webinar

    Thursday, March 21st @ 2:00 PM EST - Mortgage Market Heating Up Sell to New Homeowners on Time, not Price - Term Rewrite & Exchange - Start a Creditor L…

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    Every Day Is Black Friday
    For Life Insurance

    Every Day is Black Friday with Life Insurance, Don't forget to remind your clients around this time of year and show them how much money they are leaving on …

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    Should you join the insurance industry

    If you believed in every stereotype out there you would probably think the moon is made of cheese, all Canadians are polite and the Brits have awful teeth. Y…

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    How To Create Your First Report Using Life Design Analysis

    In today's fast-paced, information-oriented environment you need to make sure that every second you spend with your client is productive and enhances value f…

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