Insurance Carrier Software

We wanted to make it easier to stay on top of carrier software so we will update this as we can with where you can find the latest software from all your fav…

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Charitable Giving Campaign (Free Template)

Charitable giving via Life Insurance is one of the most effective ways to extend your legacy. Download our free charitable giving template to create awarenes…

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Market Trends #1

The purpose of Market Trends is to look from a high level at what products and companies are trending and look at the different segments, who the market lead…

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Don't Let Compliance Keep You Up At Night

Compliance doesn't have to be the enemy. It shouldn't be something we hide from or ignore. It certainly doesn't need to take much time or effort! However, in…

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11 Productivity Hacks For Your Insurance Practice

Productivity can be a huge lever for increased revenue and client satisfaction. When your whole team operates at high-levels, employers and clients ultimatel…

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Streamline Your Sales Process With E-Apps!

If you're looking to streamline your business this year, think about incorporating electronic apps into your practice. In this article, we show you how to tr…

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11 Tips To Turn Your Agency Into A Money-Making Machine

I have worked with hundreds of advisors and have consistently been able to increase their FYC substantially by using the strategies listed below. I will not …


Psychology Of Choice In The Insurance Buying Process

You would think that with all the choice that consumers have with insurance products today, that would translate into more sales. Unfortunately, consumers do…

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Life Insurance for Your Favourite Superhero

Superheros are pretty amazing but even they have their vulnerabilities. Find out what type of insurance your favourite superhero would buy!

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Life Insurance Through the 'Ages' (Free Template)

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month! At Life Design Analysis, we wanted to put together an infographic that takes you through the 'ages' of insurance.


Help Clients Re-think The Way They View Insurance

Your Parents' Life Insurance Experience Is Going The Way Of The "Stockbroker." Are You Ready For What's Next?


Perfect Your 'N' In An Age Where Cold Calling Is Dead

What is your "N?" When I set out to become an Investment Advisor in the late 90's, I read a book by Nick Murray entitled, "The Excellent Investment Advisor."…

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