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Selling On Time, NOT Price

Many focus on the price of life insurance and ignore the timeframe it's needed. Learn how to sell more of the right kind of insurance based on your client's …

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7 Ways To Present Insurance Solutions

Keep your clients and prospects engaged in their life insurance purchase with our seven best ways to present insurance solutions to your clients.

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How to Sell More Whole Life

Whole life is a powerful vehicle that, when properly structured, can offer long-term insurance protection and even has the ability to provide tax-free income…

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Streamline Your Sales Process With E-Apps!

If you're looking to streamline your business this year, think about incorporating electronic apps into your practice. In this article, we show you how to tr…

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Compliance Made Easy With Our Shareable Needs Analysis

Make compliance easier with a needs analysis you can share with your clients. Have them populate the information which gets saved on their profile automatically.

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4 Reasons To Buy Whole Life In Your 40s And 1 Not To

In this article, we explore four great reasons to buy whole life insurance in your 40s and one not so great reason. Help show your clients the protection tha…

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How to Properly Insure Clients Who Just Bought A House

One of the biggest triggers of the sale of insurance is the purchase of a house. We explore how to service these clients better by showing their insurance op…

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Show Clients What Happens To Term Insurance Over Time

Show clients what happens to term insurance even if they make the risky assumption they will stay healthy.

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Get More Warm Inbound Insurance Leads

Get even more inbound insurance leads with a case-sharing social media campaign.

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Get Warm Targeted Inbound Insurance Leads

Get targeted warm inbound insurance leads by combining LDA case sharing with an email campaign.

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Buy Term Invest The Difference

Will your clients be healthy enough to keep buying term insurance? Will they invest the difference? what rate of return do they need to achieve to justify th…

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The Decoy Effect

What it is and how it can help you position insurance products.

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