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Get More Warm Inbound Insurance Leads

Get more inbound leads from your social efforts

Prospecting is changing in our increasingly social world. Historically advisors may have had a cold calling strategy as a big part of their marketing plan to attract and engage with new clientele.

While cold calling may not completely dead today's approach lends itself much better to reach out to cold prospects on social first or building rapport with "cold" clients via social content that engages your target audience and provides real value in giving unbiased information that helps in their life insurance purchase decision. 

Forbes put together this article on the top 15 tips for advisors that covers some of the basics. One of the points in the articles focuses on no pitching product. I agree with this for the most part however advisors may want to create case studies or personas to help highlight how their prodcuts can solve a need without being too sales heavy.

One of the best ways to generate these persona's or cases studies is with the sharing feature in Life Design Analysis and combine it with a social media campaign.

This strategy can be used with virtually any insurance concept. In the video example, we use a simple Term Conversion scenario. However, it could be any life insurance concept you can think of. Keep it concept focused and the sky and your imagination are the limit!

Remember to specify the option to collect your prospects first and last names so you know who is viewing the concept and who to focus on when you get the notifications from LDA. Think about pairing your concept presentaiton with an artcle that focuses on the same concept to further back up your point.

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