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How to Properly Insure Clients Who Just Bought A House

According to recent research, the purchase of a home still remains one of the biggest triggers to the purchase of Life Insurance.Limra suggests  that roughly 65% people who just purchased a house also triggered the sale of life insurance.

If you work in this market or generate leads from your website and want a strategy to help you highlight the best product for your clients needs watch our quick video that shows you how our automated recipes can increase streamline your sales process.

How do we help you do this, with a visual presentaitons showing your clients options that fit their time frame, not just cost needs.

You see, the majority of prospective insurance shoppers today go online to do research, 80% according to LIMRA (they may have even found your site that way). Unfortunately, they do not get educated on why they should pick the product that fits their time needs or how prices compare over the life of their mortgage. That's where Life Design Analysis fits in. We can help you save time, increase FYC and help you with compliance.

Watch our quick video on automated recipes and visit our site to get more info or start your free trial!

P.S. Want to show them Life Insurance vs. Creditor Insurance? You can do that too! Check out our interactive shared case! Yes you can link your clients to the cases you create.