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Market Trends #1

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How I Won The Sale

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The Life Design Analysis Story

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September 2018 Webinar

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Don't Let Compliance Keep You Up At Night

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How To Create Your First Report Using Life Design Analysis

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October 2018 Webinar

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Selling On Time, NOT Price

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June 2018 Webinar

Make Compliance An Asset, Not A Headache:

A Detailed Look At The Flow Of An Insurance Sale Using LDA

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Don't Let Compliance Keep You Up At Night

Compliance doesn't have to be the enemy. It shouldn't be something we hide from or ignore. It certainly doesn't need to take much time or effort! However, in…

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How To Become More Referable

If you want to generate more revenue from your existing client base, there are two ways to do it. One is to cross-sell more products. The other is to have yo…


May 2018 Webinar

How To Illustrate Joint Life

Mark A Policy As Sold To Save Renewal Information

Advisor Highlight

All About Account Settings


Data Visibility Plagues Insurance Industry

Renewal information is already a big problem in our industry. The fundamental issue is access to information. Financial advisors have a sworn duty (fiduciary…


New Wave Of Tech Making Old School Sales Obsolete

The status quo is changing, advisors everywhere are being force-fed discussions of "disruption". Does disruption mean advisors have to fight back? evolve? D…

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11 Productivity Hacks For Your Insurance Practice

Productivity can be a huge lever for increased revenue and client satisfaction. When your whole team operates at high-levels, employers and clients ultimatel…


April 2018 Webinar

Creditor Life Vs. Life Insurance

Empire Life 8 Pay

Buy Term Invest The Difference Empire Life 8 Pay Vs. Term

Tag A Case / Add A Cu…

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How to Sell More Whole Life

Whole life is a powerful vehicle that, when properly structured, can offer long-term insurance protection and even has the ability to provide tax-free income…


March 2018 Webinar

Illustrate A Partial Conversion To Add Value

Generate More Sales In The Mortgage Market

Social Selling

Using A Shared Case In A So…

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Streamline Your Sales Process With E-Apps!

If you're looking to streamline your business this year, think about incorporating electronic apps into your practice. In this article, we show you how to tr…

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11 Tips To Turn Your Agency Into A Money-Making Machine

I have worked with hundreds of advisors and have consistently been able to increase their FYC substantially by using the strategies listed below. I will not …