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13 Reasons Why People Don't Buy Life Insurance

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Insurance Is Sold Not Bought

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July 2019 Webinar

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Are you a FIG?

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Top 10 Sales Movies if you're Feeling that Summer Slump

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The Best Life Insurance Quotes, Analogies & Memes

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October 2019 Webinar

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November 2019 Webinar

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December 2019 Webinar

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October 2018 Webinar

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How To Sell On Time (Not Price) With Term Insurance

Review An In-force/Existing Policy

Save And Import An In-force…


September 2018 Webinar

How I Made The Sale (Case Studies):

The Stubborn Client

The Procrastinator

The Price Shopper

The Engineer

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How I Won The Sale

One of my favourite parts of our business is hearing success stories from our advisors. I love hearing how they used LDA to enhance the sales experience or h…


August 2018 Webinar

Life Design Analysis On The Go:

Make LDA An App

Quick Go-To Recipes

Conduct A Needs Analysis

Share A Case

Tips For…

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The Life Design Analysis Story

The core reason for our software's creation was to communicate insurance options to consumers more transparently. Let me tell you how that happened.

Sales Concept

Selling On Time, NOT Price

Many focus on the price of life insurance and ignore the timeframe it's needed. Learn how to sell more of the right kind of insurance based on your client's …


July 2018 Webinar

Monthly Report Breakdown

Manulife Par Whole Life Case Study

CI/DI/Manual Input

Using Recipies, Layering/Combining Functions

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Market Trends #1

The purpose of Market Trends is to look from a high level at what products and companies are trending and look at the different segments, who the market lead…

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7 Ways To Present Insurance Solutions

Keep your clients and prospects engaged in their life insurance purchase with our seven best ways to present insurance solutions to your clients.


June 2018 Webinar

Make Compliance An Asset, Not A Headache:

A Detailed Look At The Flow Of An Insurance Sale Using LDA

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Don't Let Compliance Keep You Up At Night

Compliance doesn't have to be the enemy. It shouldn't be something we hide from or ignore. It certainly doesn't need to take much time or effort! However, in…

How To

How To Become More Referable

If you want to generate more revenue from your existing client base, there are two ways to do it. One is to cross-sell more products. The other is to have yo…